'The Art of Graceful Release'

- Lead from Within Retreat 2020

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th April 2020
Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, Climping, West Sussex BN17 5RW
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You have a Big Vision, Burning Ambition & a Strong Purpose, but Something is Holding You Back..

As a Heart-Centred, Creative Visionary, it's likely you have a Grand Plan & clear idea of what you want to achieve. You may even know what steps you need to take to get there, but for some reason fulfilling your ambition just seems to be slightly beyond your grasp. You've tried everything you can think of, signed up to endless programs & online courses that promise success & still you're not quite there.

Or maybe you have achieved your goals, but you're feeling exhausted & burnt-out from the effort, struggling to enjoy the fruits of your labour & wondering whether it was all worthwhile.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to do things differently. For decades we've been taught to set goals, strive to achieve more, work long hours, to compete & compare ourselves with others. We're used to the masculine approach to achieving success, when in reality, as compassionate women with integrity, we're more naturally wired to create sustainable success through adopting a feminine approach. One where nurturing relationships, creativity & empathy take centre stage. Where we're willing to ask the questions that others shy away from. Where true success creates solutions & a better way of living for many rather than benefitting a select few.

The feminine way to success starts with honouring the way you're designed, and is created through vision, integrity & balance..

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Let go of competition & instead spend time nurturing relationships. Collaborating with others leads to greater fulfilment & success for all.

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By using both our masculine & feminine energies, we can avoid burn-out, create sustainable success & enjoy our achievements.

Cycles of the moon

Natural Cycles

Once we honour our natural rhythms & work with, rather than against them, we can achieve more without having to push as hard.


Join Us!

Join us on our Retreat & let go of what no longer serves you. Allow limiting beliefs, old patterns of behaviour & out-dated ways of thinking to surface & be gracefully released. Be supported by a group of like-minded women as you move forward into your desired future with lightness & ease.

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Some Highlights of the Retreat

  • Powerful sessions delivered by highly experienced coaches & presenters
  • Specially curated content & events to enhance your ability to release what no longer serves you
  • Sound Bath to facilitate your release on an emotional & cellular level
  • Support from a group of heart-centered women
  • Beautiful gardens & walks down to the sea to breathe in the energising sea-air
  • Delicious food & drink
  • Use of the award-winning Spa
  • Time & Space to recalibrate & bring yourself back to balance
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Lots of hands with painted red heart

Anna DeBose-Hankins

Conscious Leadership Consultant I Human Potential Strategist

CEO of Anna Inspires & RADIANCE Woman, personal and spiritual development companies focused on talent maximization, leadership enhancement, success mindset cultivation and purpose discovery.

Anna helps:

  • C-suite visionaries and mindful leaders who want to overcome subconscious limitations to serve more purposefully and desire to go from feeling spread thin to feeling restored.
  • Organizations interested in maximizing team creativity, engagement, and profits.
  • Conscious organizations looking for gifted facilitators to connect their team in meaningful ways

As an internationally recognized speaker, coach, and consultant with 20+ years of experience, Anna is an expert in helping high achieving women align with their purpose, maximize their talents, and enhance their natural leadership abilities.

She is an excellent strategist who incorporates creative approaches to help teams and individuals enhance their leadership ability and maximize their impact by aligning with their organization or life’s mission and natural strengths. She specializes in helping women step into their power to be the best version of themselves.

Anna has worked with corporations, universities, and community-based organizations to help leaders powerfully connect to their strengths and potential within so they can live lives of greater influence and impact.  


Man & Woman in yoga balance pose

Nina Khoo

Personal Development Coach I Master NLP Coach

Using her Highly Sensitive gifts of deep thinking, intuition, empathy & the ability to see small things that others miss, Nina gently & powerfully supports her heart-centred & sensitive clients.  

Her mission is to help the World see sensitive in a positive light. Since discovering she shares this naturally-occurring temperament trait with 20% of the population, Nina has recognised the importance of raising awareness of the Highly Sensitive Trait. She guides other Highly Sensitive People to fully understand & embrace the significance of their role in our World today.

Nina specialises in supporting women ready to step up & take their place in the world, encouraging them to find their voice to speak out about changes that need to happen, women who want to embrace their sensitive natures & thrive.  

Combined with over 16 years of coaching experience, & her training in Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling, these gifts help Nina guide her clients to transform their lives. Her ‘A, B, C of High Sensitivity’ is a simple & effective model to affect this transformation.  

Nina speaks, runs workshops & retreats, as well as coaching groups & individuals. She maintains a membership Facebook Group called 'The Conscious Influencer' for heart-focused, sensitives wishing to create positive change in the World.

Testimonials from our Lead From Within Retreat 2019

'A lovely safe, supportive, sacred space for sharing & shifting with women on a similar journey.' Susan T

'Enlightening, comforting, eye-opening, safe, stretched.' Nicola M

'Relaxing, fun, challenging, heart-warming, a time for connection.' Oonagh H

'Supportive & caring, helping me to experience myself - being reflected.' Sally R

Book Now!

The World is changing. The way we work & run our businesses needs to change too. We can be conscious in our decisions & actions, rather than carry on doing things in ways that no longer serve us. Join us & let us guide you in gracefully releasing all that holds you back from the future you wish to create.

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