"I tend to walk towards things that feel right with no expectation just learning in mind. That’s pretty much how I felt about the up and coming Lead from Within Retreat that I couldn’t wait to attend from the time the idea was floated I instinctively knew it is what I needed but, more what I wanted for myself. It was my first time away from my family that wasn’t business related and probably most significantly the first time I had placed myself in a group of women, all Highly Sensitive all as it transpired with amazing gifts and learning to impart. Being a HSW I cried much and I laughed also and I felt deeply and I was challenged equally. But my biggest surprise was the love that was among us, the openness encouraged and hearing potentially for the first time many strangers as they were at first, talk about how they saw me, it can be a daunting thing to be transparent. These women were having none of it. They saw through the iron doors and the dark glasses they exposed me in the most kindest of ways. ‘You’re operating too small’ I was told. ‘You’re meant to be out there’ I was told. I Write!, I defended, I educate through my books but, I was told there’s more to it. When I stepped back and allowed myself to trust - trust such a big word - that they wanted nothing at all just to give support, I sat beside myself quite literally, thank you Sandy, and I understood my conflict. What can I say about Anna that may do her justice, perhaps one of the most gentle souls with other worldly insights, an innocence of a child and like that child she speaks your truth and holds you in the light you are meant to be seen. Nina, my equal, quite literally our numerology explained why we fit like puzzle pieces. Why in years past I sought her out and called for her strength when I needed support. Her attention to detail and calming influence provided space to be in safety. It would be remiss not to mention all of the connections I made. Belinda so wise so learned and creative, Sarah born to heal she is as loving as she appears, Olivia ,Wonder Woman, waiting to break from her cocoon. I can’t wait to see her strategy and watch that seed fruit. We chatted like old friends who had lost touch. Sandy seeing me and seeing you. Cut, from the same cloth in many respects such a special soul, wisdom and intellect rolled in to one beautiful woman. Linda a heart of abundance a strength of an Ox in spite of and because of all she has experienced as story to be told and Elisa, energetic teacher of Nia how alive I felt and how my inner child wished for more my heart was lifted and Debbie she scratched the board and hit a nerve and she taught me a lesson I must address; one I had suppressed one that will steer me towards my purpose. My favourite bits if I had to choose was in no particular order, the music in the Chapel the Cherokee drums a sound that was my heart beat inside those walls, Nia dancing and learning to listen, walks to the beach and swinging on a large rope swing a feeling of jubilation. The amazing staff that served us in Baliffscourt, Jacob, Monica, Arthur. All of our sessions that raised our awareness spiritually and scientifically aligning head, heart, gut. But I have decided the biggest gift that I received was to be in that space and witnessing the power of a gathering of Highly Sensitive Women. Oh and perhaps I could mention the power of Jade eggs here? NO?! From the bottom of my socks, I thank you for this opportunity and for all of the women I had the privilege of meeting."

Nicola McDonald
Coach & Author

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