"The Art of Graceful Release"

Lead from Within Retreat 2020

24-26th April, 2020


Be Inspired

Gracefully release old patterns & beliefs that don't serve you. Learn powerful techniques to re-wire your brain for sustainable success - the feminine way.

Rest & Relax

Take the time to visit the luxurious spa at Bailiffscourt Hotel. Experience one of the heavenly treatments. Your body & soul will thank you.


Spend time in the company of other creative visionary, heart-centred female leaders. Revel in the support & connection with those who share the same values.

Heading for Burnout?

The powerful female leader recognises when she's not been honouring herself, taking time for self-care. She knows deep down that she can listen to her body's needs, spend time resting & reflecting & still create success.

Yearning for Connection?

Working the masculine way can feel isolating. Women are wired to share & learn together. Powerful female leaders thrive in aligned community.

Join Us

The time to act is now. Our World is desperate for Heart-Centered Female Leaders like you. Join us for this very special weekend & leave feeling refreshed, inspired & fully supported to make the difference you're here to make, with the knowledge that you can create success in a sustainable, feminine way.


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