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In the West, we're living in a society where the masculine paradigm is very much the norm. Things are changing, but slowly. Women are starting to recognise the unconscious bias we contend with in our daily lives. A bias that teaches us to work in a way that serves the male of the species, but not the female, & certainly not the sensitive female.

As a woman, your body has a 28-day cycle (approximately). Most of us are well aware of this. But do you plan your work around this 28-day cycle? 

A man's cycle lasts for 24-hours, significantly shorter than our 28-day cycle. Yet most diaries, productivity tools & planners are - you guessed it - based on the male 24-hour cycle.

If you're a sensitive female entrepreneur, you may be struggling to keep up with posting on social media, the umpteen online meetings & crazy expectations that seem to come with running a business. Your calendar is full, so when do you actually have time to tackle your To Do list?

Who are these Superwomen with the energy to run a successful business, maintain a vibrant family life & have great relationships, when you can barely make it through the week?

Now here's the thing. If you're Highly Sensitive, you need to do things differently. You are wired in a way that means you take in more information than others & respond more readily to stimulation. All great when you're able to prioritise self-care & take enough time to rest & recalibrate your highly sensitive nervous system. Not so easy to do when you're running a business, especially if you're running it the way we're taught to - the conventional, masculine way.


If you're at the point where you're wondering whether you should even be running your own business, because you've tried all the courses & programs out there & they just don't work for you, then read on...


As a Graceful Entrepreneur, you'll be introduced to another, more balanced way to run your business.

A more feminine way. Once you tune into your body's natural cycle, you'll start to recognise a pattern, with times when your energy levels are high, & times when they're lower. It just doesn't make sense to launch a new product or deliver a workshop when what your body is truly yearning for is a day on the sofa watching Netflix. And yes, taking regular days off are  encouraged! 

Imagine how much time & energy you'll save once you understand how to schedule your work tasks & projects to align with your natural cycle.

Can you hear your body (& soul) sighing in relief? 

Be Productive & Work Less

When you spend less time working, think of all that time you'll have left to do things that actually bring you joy & fulfilment! 

Reclaim Your Precious Energy

Once you're aligning with your body's natural rhythms rather than fighting against them, you'll find you have much more energy.

Tune Into Nature's Rhythms

Nature has cycles & seasons for a reason. Harness the power of these rhythms to create success in your life & business.

Sally Reynolds,

Grief Recovery Specialist, Soul Midwife & Holistic Therapist


"Nina takes her work with Highly Sensitive Women to another level, beyond explanations, offering tools to enable them to be more effective through understanding & working with their natural energetic cycles.

The supporting documents meant we didn’t need to take notes & could focus on asking questions & the discussions during the Workshop. The Key Takeaways document is a useful summary which I go back to frequently."

Using Numerology 

to Support You & Your Business


As part of the Program, you'll receive your Numerology Personal Life Path Profile AND Personal Year Number Report for that year. These reports alone will give you a deep understanding of your personality & life purpose, as well as outlining the lessons, opportunities & experiences that are in store for you in the upcoming year. 

You'll be encouraged to adopt ways of working that suit you as a sensitive woman, & reflect where you are in your specific 9-year cycle.

You can read more about using Numerology in my Blog 'Numerology - A Business Tool?'


You Have Multiple Brains!


Did you know we have brain cells not only in our head, but also in our heart & gut?

mBraining also known as MBIT - Multiple Brain Integration Training, is a process for communicating with & integrating the wisdom & intelligence of our multiple brains.

Based on principles from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Linguistics & Behavioural Modelling, combined with discoveries from Neuroscience, this powerful system fits perfectly in The Graceful Entrepreneur Program.

mBraining gives us a way to achieve success gracefully, through aligned decision-making, connecting with our heart-based values & honouring our gut, a much neglected but fundamental area for HSPs.


Oonagh Harrison, NIA Teacher

"I can’t recommend this highly enough as a way to define and develop your business with ease. It has been a real pleasure working with Nina and has not felt like work at all! That said I have just launched a successful business, that I love, and have more plans in the pipeline.."


how you're different as a Sensitive Entrepreneur

Find Out

how to adapt the ways you work to honour your sensitivity

Tune In

to your monthly cycle & discover your best times to brainstorm, launch products, plan..

Be Supported

by other sensitive entrepreneurs, share your challenges & celebrate your successes


listening to your multiple brains for fully-aligned decision-making


the energy of the seasons, through quarterly workshop sessions

 What You'll Receive


Your Personal Numerology Life Path Profile + Personal Year Number Report - discover your unique energetic blueprint & the opportunities & challenges that you may face this year

Instant access to recorded content from The Graceful Entrepreneur - Foundations Workshop

4 x 90-minute online The Graceful Entrepreneur - Seasonal Workshops (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter)

Access to The Graceful Entrepreneur Private Facebook Group

Bonus! One 75-minute private coaching session with Nina to work through any specific challenges you may be facing in your personal life or business


Ready to bring ease & grace into your business & life?