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The Graceful Entrepreneur

An Online Workshop for (Sensitive) Female Entrepreneurs

'Align With Your Natural Rhythms to Create Sustainable Success'

Monday 30th November, 1.00-2.30pm


Are you tired of working long hours in your business for little reward?

Does the 'tried & tested' blueprint to success leave you overwhelmed & feeling like a failure?

Are you worried you might be heading for burn-out?

Maybe your soul is telling you there's another, easier, way to do things...

Well, there is. Join me to find out how.

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Here's what we'll cover in the Workshop


In the West, we're living in a society where the masculine paradigm is very much the norm. Things are changing, but slowly. Women are starting to recognise the unconscious bias we contend with in our daily lives. A bias that teaches us to work in a way that serves the male of the species, but certainly not the sensitive female.

As a woman, your body has a 28-day cycle (approximately). Most of us are well aware of this. But do you plan your work around this 28-day cycle? 

A man's cycle lasts for 24-hours, significantly shorter than our 28-day cycle. Yet most diaries, productivity tools & planners are - you guessed it - based on the male 24-hour cycle.

If you're a sensitive female entrepreneur, you may be struggling to keep up with posting on social media, the umpteen online meetings & crazy expectations that seem to come with running a business. Your calendar is full, so when do you actually have time to tackle your To Do list?

Who are these Superwomen with the energy to run a successful business, maintain a stable family life & have great relationships, when you can barely make it through the week?

Now here's the thing. If you're Highly Sensitive, you need to do things differently. You're wired in a way that means you take in more information than others & respond more readily to stimulation. All great when you're able to prioritise self-care & take enough time to rest & recalibrate your highly sensitive nervous system. Not so easy to do when you're running a business, especially if you're running it the way we're taught to, the conventional, masculine way.

In this Workshop, you're going to be introduced to another, more balanced way to run your business. A more feminine way. Once you tune into your body's natural cycle, you'll start to recognise a pattern, with times when your energy levels are high, & times when they're lower. It just doesn't make sense to launch a new product or deliver a workshop when what your body is truly yearning for is a day on the sofa watching Netflix!

Imagine how much time & energy you'll save once you understand how to schedule your work tasks & projects to align with your natural cycle.

Can you hear your body sighing in relief?



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Reclaim Your Time

When you spend less time working, think of all the time you'll have to do things that bring you Joy! More time for family & friends & more time for YOU.

Woman holding hands up to sky

Reclaim Your Energy

Once you're aligning with your body's natural rhythms rather than fighting against them, you'll find you have much more energy.

Call to Action

This workshop is for you if you're tired of working the masculine way .

Pushing for more clients, more sales, of working more hours, until your relationships & health begin to suffer.

Your invitation is to stop pushing, take a breath & acknowledge your feminine strengths.

Accept that you're built differently, with a natural rhythm & cycle that's waiting for you to tune into.

It's time to listen to your body & allow success to unfold gracefully.

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Key benefits from this Workshop

  • Learn how to allocate your time to increase productivity 
  • Write your To Do List in alignment with your cycle & tackle tasks with grace & ease
  • Discover when the best times are for you to brainstorm, plan, launch a new product, research new ideas, write your Social Media content
  • Adopt a more balanced, feminine approach to work
  • Create success in your business in a way that's sustainable & keeps you from burning-out
  • Gain more time & energy to do the things you love!



"When we honour the distinct & uniquely useful phases of our bodies, the moon, & our creativity, we get further, faster, without having to push as hard.”

Kate Northrup

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