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Hello, I’m Nina Khoo. Highly Sensitive Creative Visionary, Mother, Wife, Guide & Supporter of other Sensitive Women who share a passion for making the World a better place. When I discovered I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), my World transformed. I’d finally been given the right user manual that explained exactly how I was wired! I’ve come to understand my sensitivity as an extraordinary & powerful gift – one that when nurtured, can be used to create profound change.


Sensitivity is a Gift

The key characteristics that make you an HSP – Depth of Processing, Overstimulation, Empathy, Emotional Intensity & Sensing Subtleties – can be both a curse & a blessing. Like most superpowers, once you understand & manage them, you’re able to harness their full potential.


Your Sensitive Voice Must be Heard

Patriarchy, move over! It’s time to bring our World into balance through listening to those who see the Big Picture & care about creating a healthy planet for our children to inherit. No more hiding, your sensitive voice needs to be heard.


Connecting to Something Bigger

Quantum Physics, energy, the power of our mind & ancient traditions have long fascinated me. I believe we are more powerful than we can imagine & get excited when modern science finally proves something that our ancestors have known for millennia.

Sally Reynolds,
Grief Recovery Specialist, Soul Midwife & Holistic Therapist


“Nina takes her work with Highly Sensitive Women to another level, beyond explanations, offering tools to enable them to be more effective through understanding & working with their natural energetic cycles.”

Work With Me


Are you ready to start making a difference? It is my privilege to guide & support women ready to step into their sensitive power, to become the role models & leaders our World so desperately needs. Here are ways we can work together:


Sensitive & Powerful Online Course

Everything you need to know about your Highly Sensitive trait. Tools & resources to help you stay in your sensitive strengths & out of your shadows, so you can THRIVE. 

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Befriend Your Inner Wild Woman Program

Reconnect with the part of you that has never been tamed or conditioned in this nurturing & empowering program. Speak your truth, show up in the World & make your difference.

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1-to-1 Coaching

Sometimes bespoke support, 1-on-1, is the fastest way to get you to a place where you can thrive as an HSP. Different coaching packages are available & can be tailored to suit  you.  

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Jules Wade, Mother & Role Model


"The ABC of High Sensitivity online course is very nourishing & just doing it feels like self care. I'm identifying with it & learning so much. I really appreciate how clear & succinct it is & thought the NLP explanation behind the Law of Attraction was really helpful."

Meet Nina


Highly Sensitive, highly intuitive, mother, wife & coach. I’ve been described as gentle & compassionate yet will call you out if I sense there’s more than you’re sharing. Some of my favourite times involve browsing in crystal shops, soaking in the energy of sacred spaces, walking on the beach with my dog & sharing a delicious meal with friends & family. 


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