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Highly Sensitive AND a woman?

Your tendency to take in more information than others & process it deeply? – Overthinking.

That constructive feedback you received from a work colleague that you’re mulling over 2 months later. – Why can’t you just grow a thicker skin?

Sitting in meetings, thinking - hang on, the project can’t possibly be delivered on time if we lose our key tester. – Am I crazy, why can’t anyone else see this?

Railing at the injustice of your colleague being promoted ahead of you, even though you’re far more qualified & capable. And not speaking up about it. – It’s just not fair! Followed by the thought ‘I’m not good enough….’

Children that won’t get up in the morning, packed lunches to make, school run to navigate, can I get to my desk in time for my 9am meeting, what - now the computer has decided to spontaneously update?? – Overwhelm swiftly followed by Meltdown.


Welcome to the life & inner dialogue of a Highly Sensitive woman.

Before I discovered I'm Highly Sensitive & recognised its immense power, these would be typical situations & conversations going on inside my busy, sensitive brain.

Are you highly sensitive?


Thinking deeply & processing deeply, overstimulation & overwhelm, feeling things intensely & noticing things that others miss while relating them to the Bigger Picture – these are all key characteristics of a Highly Sensitive Person.

Your brain is wired differently from the non-Highly Sensitive brain, as is your nervous system. You are physiologically built to be more sensitive than others. Nature made you this way to keep you & the rest of your species safe. HSPs are the First Alerters, the canaries in the coal-mine, designed to respond to the first signs of danger or toxins in the environment.

Once you understand this, you can take responsibility for your own needs & pay attention to the environments you spend time in. Nobody else can do this for you. It’s when you stay out of your sensitive shadows & actively manage your energy that your true abilities shine. That’s when you stand fully in your sensitive power & fulfil your purpose in the World.

I believe it's time for Sensitive women to step up into leadership roles so together, we can create a World we're happy for our children to grow up in. 

Martine Louis, Money Coach


"I knew from my early childhood that I was an introvert, shy & very sensitive but it became a real challenge when life pushed me to become an entrepreneur.

When I met Nina and discovered that I was a highly sensitive person, my vision and my life completely changed.

I now welcome this challenge as a strength. In a very safe environment with empathy, understanding, & patience, Nina gave me confidence using very powerful tools specially designed for people like me. Now I know that I am not alone... I embrace my trait and focus on the benefits that being an HSP can give me - more empathy, creativity, the ability to feel positive emotions very deeply, intuition and also the ability to develop qualities to be a great leader.

I used to say to my clients that Awareness is the open door to the shift, that’s exactly what Nina does with her coaching and the huge benefits that occur."

Meet Nina


When I discovered I'm an HSP, it was as if I’d finally been given the right user manual for me.

Lightbulbs went off in my mind & everything started to make sense. Even though I had a degree in Psychology, spent years studying Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanism & other personal development modalities, I had intuitively felt there was something missing. Recognising I'm highly sensitive was the missing piece of the puzzle.

I finally understood why:
• years working in the technology department of a global investment bank left my soul feeling empty & nearly led to burn-out
• the early years of becoming a mother were a blur of sleep deprivation & feelings of inadequacy
• others sometimes struggled to see the things I did

Supporting Sensitive

Female Leaders


I've come to appreciate the incredible strengths that Highly Sensitive People have because of the way they're wired.

While there are other coaches who work with the sensitive trait, I specialise in working with sensitive women who know deep down they're here to make a difference. Those who are no longer content to remain in the background, providing sage advice, but feel the pull to step up & make their voices heard. Women willing to be visible, to be leaders themselves.

I've combined Neuro Linguistic Programming, NIA-inspired movement, Wild Voice™ work & other powerful methodologies, with my research & personal experience of the sensitive trait. Through my programs, working on the mind, body, emotion & spirit levels, sensitive women learn how to manage the challenges that come from their physiology, so they can show up consistently, sharing their unique strengths to make their positive impact on the World. 




Volunteer Member of the UN Women UK Delegate

Speaker and award nominee of Eyestorm's Speak Up Woman Conference

Speaker at The Shift's Network Evolutionary Empaths Summit

Featured Article for the Female Health Founders

Appeared on The Quiet and Strong podcast

Appeared on The Pivots & Plot Twists podcast

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