Standing In My Power

breath energy focus limiting beliefs power visualisation Jan 19, 2022
Breaking wood plank with fist

Weeks of learning & training culminate in this – will I be able to do it.. or not?

My heart thuds against ribcage, threatening to burst out of my chest. Sickening nausea in the pit of my stomach rises, turning to salty, bitter bile in the back of my throat. In my brain, a cacophony of limiting beliefs ping, like metal balls in a pin-ball machine, hitting the sides & shooting off in random directions.


I visualize the goal in my mind & repeat the positive affirmations we’ve been taught, first to myself, then speak them out loud.

A spark of energy in my solar plexus slowly ignites & grows steadily, crowding out the nerves in my belly & brain. I hear whoops of jubilation from those going before me, accompanied by cheers, back slapping & high fives.

All too soon, it’s my turn. Thoughts of failure & pain melt away as I take my place in the center of the room.

The circle of people around me & their chants of support fade away, as I focus on my breathing - laser beam, tunnel vision. Nothing else exists as I channel my energy down my arm & into the heel of my hand. Like a stone shot from a catapult, my hand travels straight down to strike the thick wooden board balanced on bricks.

The plank snaps easily into 2, with a loud ‘Thwack’. My whole body reverberates as the powerful energy courses through me. Nothing broken apart from the thick wooden plank, lying in pieces at my feet.

Head held high, shoulders back, my heart expands to fill my chest.

 I know in that moment - if I can do this, I can do anything.

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