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 Born to Lead



"You're too sensitive!"


Are you a deep thinker? Does your head sometimes get so full, it feels like a volcano about to erupt? Do you get overwhelmed & overstimulated in busy, noisy environments? You may feel things intensely, finding the news depressing, yet are moved to tears by beautiful music or a stunning sunset.

Are you the one friends turn to when they need someone to confide in? Or maybe you find yourself sitting on a plane, the stranger next to you recounting their life story because they sense your Empathy. 

Do you notice small things that others miss? Perhaps you take extra care to cut the labels out of your new clothes, or only wear soft fabrics.

You may be the person sitting in a meeting, who picks up on a key reason the project can't be delivered on time.

All these are indicators that you share the trait of High Sensitivity. Far from being a problem or a disorder, your sensitivity is a gift.

In fact, scientists are discovering that being Highly Sensitive can actually confer a distinct advantage to a person & are calling it 'Vantage Sensitivity'.

Yes, you may be struggling because your brain is wired to take in more information than others. And yes, your highly responsive nervous system will be triggered into fight or flight more readily, causing you to be susceptible to anxiety & stress. 

But here's the amazing thing - once you recognise these tendencies are because of your physiology, it becomes easier to notice when you're being triggered so you can do something about it.

Being aware of your environments, managing your energy through self-care, learning techniques to deal with Overwhelm, will all help you stay in your Highly Sensitive strengths & out of the challenges.

Highly Sensitive People are here for a purpose. We're here to keep ourselves & our species safe.

I believe it's time to make our voices heard, stop hiding & step into our roles as Leaders.

Harnessing your sensitive power


The 1st step to thriving as an HSP is to fully understand your trait & how being sensitive shapes your life.

HSPs share common challenges, just because of the way we're wired. On the flip side, we have specific strengths that we've probably - mistakenly - assumed everyone shares.

Born to Lead contains everything I've learnt over decades of personal development work, applied to the Highly Sensitive Person. I share information, techniques & resources that have helped me as a Sensitive Woman, Mother & Entrepreneur.

In the Born to Lead Program, you'll learn how to:

A - Accept & Appreciate your Highly Sensitive Trait

B - set firm yet flexible Boundaries + transform any Limiting Beliefs you hold about your sensitivity

C - use your innate ability to Connect: within to your impeccable intuition, to a community of other HSPs, & to something bigger - whatever that means for you

I know how much I struggled before realising I'm Highly Sensitive, & I know there are many others out there facing similar challenges. By creating this program, I aim to give HS women all the knowledge & resources they need to stand in their power & fulfil their purpose of leading our World to a better place. A World we're happy for our children to grow up in.

Sara Hatchwell


"My biggest aspect of learning was that what I was feeling & what I had felt was OK. I felt that I had come 'home' as so much of this resonated with me. I felt that you had an insight into my life & had known me for years. I learnt to be 'me' & try & not fit this square peg into a round hole. I feel more confident to do things, & at the age of 60 I am now doing a level 2 gym instructors course."

Program Highlights


Understand the physiology of HSPs, learn how to easily identify the trait in yourself & others, discover your key challenges & strengths & how to work with them.


Learn the powerful tools, techniques & resources that I've acquired through years of study, reading, & personal trial & error! I share the ones that work for HSPs.


Being in a community with other HSPs is incredibly validating. Once you recognise you're not the only one who feels the way you do, the healing can begin.

Invaluable Tips

On everything from nutrition, self-care & exercise, all tailored specifically for the Highly Sensitive Woman. Look out for the great bonuses.


Learn with other HSPs by attending the sessions live via Zoom, over 12-weeks  (next course - September 2024). If you miss any sessions, you'll have access to the recordings.

Coaching Support - 1:1 & Group 

You'll be held & supported through 2 x 30-minute 1:1s with Nina, as well as group coaching + weekly Q&A sessions + a private Facebook Group during the 12-week program.

Kate Woodward


 "I would definitely recommend Born to Lead because the World needs more highly sensitive women to step out from behind the shadows, and Nina has developed a brilliant program to enable women to do this!"

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