Living Leadership Program


9-Month Program


Work with your Sensitive physiology to harness its incredible gifts

Speak your Truth from a place of power & alignment

Show up fully for your Something Bigger 

Make a difference


Are you ready to stop stifling your True Voice, the one that doesn't need to people-please & appease?

Do you know deep down it's time to stop playing small because there's something BIGGER you're here to do?

Would you live your life differently if you knew you had the internal resources to deal with anything that came your way?

How would it feel to harness the immense power of your sensitivity, show up fully in the World & make a difference?


It's time to embrace your sensitivity as your greatest leadership asset!

Finding my Inner Leader


Sitting in a circle of women, my shawl pulled tight around my body. Safe in my cocoon, keeping out the chill night air. 

2021, St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester – Full Moon. 

We’re led through a powerful guided meditation that takes me, soaring, giant wings outstretched, gliding, dipping, free. My heart cracks wide open, my mind unusually clear. Fresh, clean air fills my nostrils & I taste this moment of unbridled joy. 

Back on the ground, I sit, listening to others share their experiences. 

A flickering flame catches & ignites within me. My heart beats rat-a-tat-tat, something inside me demanding to be let out. I have a strong urge to… ululate. The constrained, sensible voice within me extinguishes this urge immediately – No, how embarrassing, you can’t possibly do that! Stay in your cocoon. 

Yet the flame within me won’t be put out so easily & continues to burn. 

My turn to share. The sensible voice fights for me to stay small. Tell them about the flying, much more acceptable. But the fire won’t be contained any longer. I warn the group of what’s coming. Head tipping back, my mouth opens to release the primal howl that’s been building within me for decades, ripping the cocoon I’ve so carefully constructed, apart. 

A warrior’s call before the battle, a wolf’s warning howl to its pack. Years of boundaries crossed, opinions trampled, of being judged unfairly, of staying silent, not speaking out, not taking a stand. An outpouring of fire in the form of voice. The faces around me glow with excitement & my howl is joined by others. A thousand unspoken hurts released to fill the moonlit sky. 

In this glorious, cathartic, sacred moment, I know from now on, my voice will be heard. 

Want to meet your Inner Leader

& make your voice heard?


If you're ready to stop wasting energy taking care of everyone & everything around you..


 Start showing up fully for yourself & for that Something Bigger..

Join Nina & a select group of Sensitive women ready to make a difference on

Living Leadership!

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Kate Woodward,

Yoga Instructor & Executive Coach


"I have been participating in Nina’s program for the last 6 weeks or so and part of the programme is a weekly Nia movement class which I am loving!

 In fact, I’m loving the whole programme, and I’m really starting to notice the changes taking place within my body, my mind and my voice - it does quite literally feel as though someone is taking the shackles off! In the first few weeks we learned the basic principles and moves of Nia, and now we are really starting to apply these to different pieces of music and different ‘dance moves’ (for want of a better term!).

 Last week I came to the class really exhausted from a bonkers week, my head felt thick and heavy and I had a pain in my left shoulder. After the class I felt as though my cells had been thoroughly oxygenated, my head felt light and open for business, and the pain in my left shoulder had gone.

 As a long time yogi, I know and understand the benefits of moving and breathing, and I feel Nia is taking this to a different level - the ‘dance’ element within Nia is liberating, freeing, challenging, child like.

Nina describes Nia as a way of ‘releasing the issues in your tissues’, and this is exactly what it feels like it’s doing!"

Program Highlights



Your exquisite sensitivity. Live from your sensitive strengths & deal gracefully with the challenges.



A direct connection to your Wild Voice. Listen to your Soul's messages & act from a place of alignment.

Tune in

To your body through Nia -inspired movement. Dance your way to a strong body & calm mind.

Woman speaking confidently to group


Your truths aloud. Effortlessly deliver your unique message while standing confidently in your sensitive power.

Discovering your uniqueness

Show up

Fully for your 'Something Bigger.' Share your special gifts & make your difference in the World.

Hands grasping other hands in a circle

Be held

Within a group of like-minded women. Experience the momentum & combined potency of the group.

What you'll receive 

Bespoke Coaching Sessions

9 1/2 hours in total. Choose to take your 1-to-1 sessions individually or as a series of mini-deep dive sessions.

Wild Voice Circles

Powerful online monthly Wild Voice writing circles, where you'll be guided to meet & share your Wild Voice. 

Regular Check-In Sessions

Online check-ins with a dash of Nia-inspired movement! Time to connect with others & tune into your body.

3 x 1-Day Retreats

An opportunity to come together as a group. Celebrate, have fun & experience powerful shifts.  

Born to Lead Program

BONUS! You'll receive instant online access to this signature program + a reserved space when it's run live.

 My Wild Voice writing on the program..


This is your Wild Voice & this is what I want to say about your Inner Wild Woman:

Let me out!

To play

To speak

To rage & howl

To soothe & speak soft words of love

And reassurance.

I am here



Waiting for an invitation

To surface

And be heard.


This is your Wild Voice & this is who would be perfect for the program:

Sensitive women 

Who are searching for their voice

Their True, Authentic voice

The one that doesn't aim to people-please

Or appease,

But that speaks the Truth

Their Truth.

Their authentic, from the depths of their being Truth.

The voice that says NO when it means No,

Not a Yes, maybe.

That says HELL YES!

When it's something they want to do.

That keeps them safe

And moving forward

In complete alignment with their souls,

Eager to experience all the delights 

That life holds for them.

That embraces new experiences 

In a way that truly works for them.

That speaks out 

When things cross the boundaries of their value systems.

That sings when it wants to celebrate

That howls when it's angry.

The voice that has been long suppressed 

And repressed

By society & family expectations

By rigid workplace structures.

By the saccharin need to be a nice girl

Rather than an authentically powerful woman.

Their True Voice.

Ready to stand in their power

And use their voice

To make their difference.






Ready to embrace your Sensitivity as your greatest leadership asset?