About Nina

I had a mid-life crisis in my early 30s.

After a few years working in an investment bank, in the technology department no less, I was disillusioned, burnt-out & ready to spend a year sampling the best beaches I could find on my round the world tour. I came home - reluctantly - when my ticket ran out, to start a new life & ended up studying Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in a bid to sort out my messy mind. Impressed at how well it worked, I trained as a Master Coach in NLP so I could help others.

12 years on & 2 children later, I was in the midst of another crisis, this time with daughter No. 1's tantrums over seams in her socks & scratchy labels in her clothes. Surely it wasn't normal to have a 7 year old lying on the floor screaming with tears because of her socks? I turned up at a friend's house in tears after a particularly stressful school drop-off, to be handed Dr Elaine Aron's book on 'The Highly Sensitive Child'.

Reading the book quite literally changed my life. I found out my daughter wasn't a monster, she was just Highly Sensitive & in overwhelm. And the real light-bulb moment was the realisation that I was Highly Sensitive as well. Discovering I was a Highly Sensitive Person was like finding the missing jigsaw puzzle piece to my life. 

Always sensing I was different, not understanding why I couldn't do things the way others did, feeling things so deeply & not being able to just let things go & move on...It all made sense. It was as if I'd finally been given the right user manual to my life. 

I spent a few years applying what I'd already learnt from my studies in NLP, Psychology, Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling, Shamanism, Mindfulness, Yoga & various other training I'd undertaken over the years, to manage the Overwhelm, Perfectionism & other challenges typically experienced by Highly Sensitive People.

I now recognise sensitivity as a profound gift & am passionate about raising awareness of the trait. 

As a Mother & Entrepreneur, I understand the challenges being Highly Sensitive can bring when juggling family life with running a successful business. 

Through my 'A,B,C of High Sensitivity', I share the knowledge I've gained from years of coaching others, my personal experience & the many different courses & trainings I've undertaken. My aim is to help all Highly Sensitive People, & especially women, fully appreciate the gifts their sensitivity brings so they can make the difference they're here to make in the World & thrive. 



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