Numerology - A Business Tool?

birth date & time cycles life path number numerology purpose Jan 27, 2022
Cosmic numbers

A few years ago, I worked with someone who used Numerology to gain a deeper understanding of her clients. She made such insightful & useful comments, based on this seemingly magical system, that I decided to do some further research.

What I learnt was so powerful that I now incorporate it into my business planning & personal life, as well as in my work with clients. 

Did you know your name & date of birth contain a specific energy vibration that determines aspects of your personality & life events? Through exploring the ancient metaphysical science of Numerology & my Life Path Number, I've come to understand my life purpose, along with my challenges & strengths.

In addition to your Life Path Number, you also have a Personal Year Number. The cycle starts at birth and progresses through 9-year intervals throughout your life. Each year in this 9-year cycle has its own unique theme with respect to the types of lessons and experiences you’ll encounter for that year. Once you know your Personal Year Number, you can align with & plan for the year ahead. 

Some years are better for focusing on your career, others for studying or working on your personal development or your relationships. It doesn't mean you can't be successful in your business if that's not the main theme for that year, it just means you can adapt your focus to match the overall energy of that year to reap the rewards. 

As everything is cyclical & follows a natural rhythm, you can think of each year of the cycle in terms of planting, growing, development, harvest & ploughing under, preparing for the new cycle. 

Think of it like planting seeds in the depths of winter. Why would you go to the trouble of breaking through rock solid soil to plant seeds when it's going to be too cold for them to germinate & grow? A much better use of your time & energy would be to pull out your seed catalogues, put on your fluffy slippers & plan what you're going to plant in Spring over a mug of your favourite tea.

By choosing to align your actions & expectations with where you are in terms of your Personal Year Number, you’ll be working with the natural rhythm of your life rather than fighting against it.

No more overwhelm, frustration & burn-out!

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